Date & Time: 2018.7.21 (Fri) 18:00 – 22:00
Venue: TATE MODERN, London
Web: www.tate.org.uk

This month takes inspiration from the exhibition Shape of Light. Enjoy a vibrant mix of art, music, film, workshops, talks and street food. Music programmed by NTS Radio.

Digital Display:
Explore the work of contemporary photographers who have responded to the exhibition Shape of Light, featuring Chloe Dewe Mathews, Mark Duffy, Taisuke Koyama, Ronan Mckenzie and Maya Rochat.



G/P galleryにて帰国後初となる新作個展を開催します。ぜひご高覧ください。

会期:2018年4月27日(金)- 2018年6月23日(土) *会期延長されました
会場:G/P gallery(東京)
時間:12:00 – 19:00 日月休廊

日時:2018年4月27日(金)18:00 – 19:00
登壇者:山峰潤也(水戸芸術館 現代美術ギャラリー 学芸員)、小山泰介
モデレーター:後藤繁雄(G/P gallery ディレクター)
定員:20名 *要事前予約

オープニング・レセプション:2018年4月27日(金)19:00 – 21:00


G/P gallery では、2018年4月27日(金)より、小山泰介の新作個展『TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH #01: PHASE TRANS』を開催いたします。

『TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH』(以下、TPR)とは、小山と山峰潤也氏(水戸芸術館 現代美術ギャラリー 学芸員)が発起人となってはじめた現代写真プロジェクトです。TPRはオリンピックを目前に控えた東京の姿を、アーティストによる多様な視点からリサーチ・作品化し、2020 年以降の社会へと受け継ぐことを目的としています。本展ではその第一弾として、ロンドン、アムステルダムでの約4年の海外活動を経て昨年末に帰国した小山による、東京のフィールドリサーチによって制作された写真と映像を交えた新作インスタレーションを発表いたします。

これまでも東京の特異性は多くの写真家を惹きつけ、さまざまな方法論でそれぞれの時代や視点による変容の姿が記録されてきました。小山も写真家としての活動をはじめた2000年代初頭より東京をフィールドに撮影し、2008年に発表した写真集「entropix」では、都市の表層を有機的に変化する現象として微視的な視点で鮮やかに捉えるアプローチを試み、これは作家を抽象写真や実験写真の探求へと向かわせるきっかけにもなりました。2009年には都内各所で虹色の広告ポスターを接写した「Rainbow Form」(2009)を発表し、その後、同シリーズを元に2016年までに5つのバリエーション作品「Melting Rainbows」(2010)、「Rainbow Waves」(2013)、「Seventh Depth」(2014)、「Pico」(2015)、映像作品「Pico – Infinity / Pico – Flash」(2016)として派生させた「Rainbow Variations」は、写真の本質である複製・反覆の可能性、デジタル・イメージの流動性を強く追求した小山の代表シリーズとして広く知られています。




Period: 2018.4.27 (Fri.) – 2018.6.16 (Sat.)
Venue: G/P gallery, Tokyo
Open: 12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Sunday & Monday
Web: http://gptokyo.jp/

Opening Talk: 
Date: 2018.4.27 (Fri.) 18:00 – 19:00
Guest: Junya Yamamine (Curator, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito)

Opening Reception: 2018.4.27 (Fri.) 19:00-21:00

Press Release:

G/P gallery presents TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH #01: PHASE TRANS, solo exhibition featuring the latest work by Taisuke Koyama from April 27, 2018 (Fri).

TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH (below TPR) is a contemporary photography project initiated by Koyama and Junya Yamamine (curator of Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito). TPR is an endeavor to capture the appearance of Tokyo, heading towards the hosting of the Olympics through researches and works composed via various artists’ perspectives, and aims for the resulting works to be passed on to the post-2020 world.
This exhibition, the first of many TPRs to come, features the latest installation piece by Taisuke Koyama – who returned to Japan at the end of last year after four years of stay in London and Amsterdam – composed of both photography and video works created via his field research of Tokyo.

Throughout the years, the unique qualities of Tokyo has attracted many photographers, who documented the state of its transformation – of each generation and through each individual perspective – by means of various methodologies.
Koyama too, chose Tokyo as the field of his photography, just as he was starting his career as a photographer in the beginning of 2000s, and the resulting photobook, entropix, published in 2008, display Koyama’s attempts to capture vividly, the surface of the city – which he interpreted as an organically modifying phenomenon – through a microscopic point-of-view; this marked the beginning of his venture into the practice of abstract and experimental photography. In 2009, he presented Rainbow Form (2009), a close-up photography work of rainbow colored advertisement posters, and the series Rainbow Variations, which derived five variations until 2016: Melting Rainbows (2010), Rainbow Waves (2013), Seventh Depth (2014), Pico (2015), and the video work Pico – Infinity / Pico – Flash (2016), is widely known as Koyama’s most representative work, demonstrating his pursuit of the possibilities of the essential elements of photography – reproduction, iteration, and the fluidity of the digital image.

Starting with a piece consisted of error images, which result from use of the data recovery software in the restoration process of his purposefully deleted photographs of Tokyo and a piece displaying the perceptual discord arising from contact between the projected image and the surface the image is projected on, in this exhibition, we showcase Koyama’s latest oeuvre, where he set Tokyo as its motif once again. The images, which not only embody the possibilities arising through technological advancements, but also their fallacies and misuse, reveal his consistent research on the constantly renewing history of photography and image making. Please join us in this opportunity to peruse the works.



Period: 2018.5.18 (Fri.) – 2018.6.17 (Sun.)
Venue: Seen Fifteen, London
Open: Friday to Sunday 12:00 – 18:00
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo
Web: http://seenfifteen.com

Opening Party: 2018.5.18 (Fri.) 18:00 – 21:00
Video Projection for Peckham 24: 2018.5.18 (Fri.) 22:00 – 02:00

Press Release:

“Koyama is part of this prescient generation of artists working with photographic materials and ideas to conflate the imaging possibilities of digital technologies with the experimental spirit of the most vital periods of the medium’s history.” Charlotte Cotton*

Taisuke Koyama can still remember the exact date that he started working with photography, the day he bought his first digital camera on 18th October 2003. For fifteen years he has dedicated his artistic practice to an intense exploration into the evolution of the digital image. We’re delighted to welcome Taisuke Koyama to Seen Fifteen with a solo exhibition, opening as part of Peckham 24 Festival on Friday 18th May 2018.

Koyama trained in Biology and Environmental Sciences in Tokyo, and is a self-taught photographer. Bringing these two influences together into one thought, he has described his creative process as “observing with a microscope”. The seismic event of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 had a profound effect on Koyama’s practice and became a critical catalyst that shifted his focus towards the subject of the unpredictability of imagess:-

“Within the vast disaster area, the boundaries between the city and nature had been shattered right in front of my eyes. I was forced to think about the inevitable limitations of photography and how impossible it is to record all of actual reality”. Taisuke Koyama

For this new exhibition, SENSOR_CODE, Koyama will present abstract photographic works from four recent projects, which employ different experimental strategies using digital sensors. The reactions of light onto the sensors in digital cameras and scanners resolve into unique colours and patterns, which in turn creates Koyama’s own visual language. Releasing abstract photography from its heritage in materiality is an ongoing area of interest for the artist. So too is a paradoxical desire to design installations that become a physical experience. The works at Seen Fifteen will be presented as large inkjet prints that will be suspended from the ceiling in a maze of sculptural images for the viewer to journey around. In our contemporary world, where we are completely saturated by a never-ending stream of digitally transmitted images, the artist’s intention within the gallery space is to invoke a contradictory sensation. By dominating the room with large-scale prints he aims to force us to feel the images as well as look at them.

*Charlotte Cotton, from the essay for the photo-book Rainbow Variations, artbeat publishers, 2015



会期:2018年5月18日(金)- 2018年6月17日(日)
会場:Seen Fifteen(ロンドン)
時間:金土日 12:00 – 18:00

オープニング・パーティ:2018年5月18日(金)18:00 – 21:00
Video Projection for Peckham 24:2018年5月18日(金)22:00 – 02:00

ロンドンのギャラリー「Seen Fifteen」にて、個展『SENSOR_CODE』を開催します。本展は、PHOTO LONDONに合わせて開催される現代写真フェスティバル「PECKHAM 24」のメインプログラムとして実施され、オープニング当日の深夜には映像作品『NONAGON PHOTON』の特別屋外上映もおこないます。

G/PHM 01: G/P gallery selection

G/PHM 01: G/P gallery selection

会期:2018年4月21日(土)- 2018年5月2日(日)
会場:AMS gallery(浜松)
住所:〒430-0928 静岡県浜松市中区板屋町102-8 AMSビル
時間:12:00 – 19:00

浜松に新たにオープンする「生活アート発信基地」AMSビル3FのAMS galleryにて、G/P galleryのセレクション展に参加します。また同ビル1Fにオープンする「CULINARY DECO(キュリナリーデコ)」店内にも作品が飾られる予定です。浜松にお越しの際はぜひお立ち寄り下さい。

the amana collection Exhibit 01

アマナ コレクション展 01 ― 新井卓、小山泰介、畠山直哉、ホンマタカシ

会期:2018年4月2日(月)- 2018年5月11日(金)
会場:IMA gallery(東京)
時間:11:00〜19:00 日祝休館

the amana collection
Exhibit 01: Takashi Arai, Taisuke Koyama, Naoya Hatakeyama, Takashi Homma

Period: 2018.4.2 (Mon.) – 2018.5.11 (Fri.)
Venue: IMA gallery, Tokyo
Open: 11:00 – 19:00
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays
Web: https://imaonline.jp/en



Period: 2017.11.9 (Thu.) – 11.12 (Sun.)
Venue: Beaux-Arts de Paris
Open: Thu. 17:00 – 21:00 / Fri. 13:00 – 20:00 / Sat. 11:00 – 19:00 / Sun. 11:00 – 18:00
Booth: Artbeat Publishers (Tokyo), RRose Editions (Paris), Kodoji Press (Baden)
Web: http://offprint.org

AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize 2017

AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize 2017


Period: 2017.9.6 (Wed.) – 2018.1.14 (Sun.)
Venue: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Open: Tue., Thur. 10:30 – 17:00 / Sat. – Sun. 10:30 – 17:30 / Wed., Fri. 10:30 – 21:00
Closed on Monday
Web: http://www.aimiaagophotographyprize.com

Panel Discussion: 2017.9.6 (Wed.) 17:30 – 18:30
Opening Reception: 2017.9.6 (Wed.) 18:00 – 21:00
Online Voting: 2017.9.13 (Wed.) – 2017.11.5 (Sun.)
Winner Announcement: 2017.12.4 (Mon.)

『AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize 2017』


会期:2017年9月6日(水)- 2018年1月14日(日)
時間:火木 10:30〜17:00 / 土日 10:30〜17:30 / 水金 10:30〜21:00 月曜休館

パネル・ディスカッション:2017年9月6日(水)17:30 – 18:30
オープニング・レセプション:2017年9月6日(水)18:00 – 21:00
オンライン投票期間:2017年9月13日(水) – 11月5日(日)